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To people of Italy, Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. An appeal to join and fight together against the dictatorship of the financial and banking systems.

The transcript:

I beg your pardon if my English is not so good, but I want to make this appeal.

In Europe there is a fire.

A fire is raging through the house and someone is trying to put it out with a watering can. Like in Italy, where the parties are working towards an electoral constituency that is like the Greek one, or to enter semi presidentialism for the election of the President of the Republic, or to save article 18 of the Workers' Statute. Article 18, which is a legitimate battle, but ... even if Article 18 were saved ,would it improve the conditions of millions of workers? Millions of temporary workers? Entrepreneurs? Pensioners? Of young people who cannot find work?

But what are we talking about? Of puppets who come together to save face, forgetting the substance. Of politicians who are vote beggars, trying not to disturb the manipulators. Of parties that have brought us to these conditions and are now trying to save face to appear less unappealing and once again deceive the misinformed voters.

We're talking about guys who are trying to grab slices of cake or crumbs, until there are none. We are talking about the old man getting older, of the return to the past, those who don’t practise what they preach, who recycle and try to regain their virginity. Let's talk about those using tactics in order to gain suitable electoral weight, a weight that allows them to become attractive to the right or to the left or their satellites. To have a chair, a seat in parliament, in order to save their own skin. Their own skin while the country sinks deeper and deeper. While government policy and the technical government sink Italy, sell it, break it to pieces, enslave it.

But is it possible that we do not realize that while the fire blazes, there is at hand a fire hydrant? The Eurocracy, the government of the euro, the banks, the ECB is all about deception and keeping us prisoners, slaves in invisible chains, but always more oppressed.

The debt. Yes. The Debt. A debt is an artifice, an offence, a deception with which they are killing people. Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal. They are crippling everyone.

Can you feel the noose? Have you noticed that the rope is getting tighter around our necks? Have you noticed that the ESM, a balanced budget, the ERF and with all the drastic cuts to wages, salaries, pensions, the ability to undertake a new business ... they are sending our future up in smoke. Yet it is possible to act on the cancellation of debt, or at least its reduction or extension of time without interest. It is part of international law which I have written and documented in the book "La Guerra dell’Europa", which deals with the Greek example. Let the old and new pied pipers read it. Let’s open the eyes of the citizens! There is no more time to be fooled!

And mind you ... they know it, they know it. And they fear the people who know. Fear them so much that Monti has called on the President of the European Council to convene an emergency meeting in Rome, against what the appointed senator for life (and unelected) prime minister has called "creeping populism and anti-Europeanism." Yes, because for Monti, who works for the dictatorship of the financial and banking systems "this is a political problem" and "we need to avoid the emergence of these phenomena."

Have you heard? Do you understand? Those who do not bend will be broken. They will be silenced because it could hinder their end, leading to the disintegration of Europe’s big business. But here in Italy, as in Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, there are people who know, who are informed. In our countries, as in other countries, there are people who want to live and continue to live, who deserve and rightly demand a decent life for themselves and their children. Here are the people, the people of which Europe is not made. Here are the people who want to live in peace, justice, freedom and independence.

What do you expect then? Lift our heads and break the chains.


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